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With great YA literature, comes great responsibility

At the grand old age of 25, I fully realize I am no longer the target audience for Young Adult literature. Though I admit that I find it increasingly difficult to relate to a teenage protagonist, and high school drama really does just bore me to tears, I can’t seem to get enough of good old YA. And I can’t help but wonder; why, eh? (I apologize, that was inexcusable…) I guess my affinity for YA lit has to do with the fact that it didn’t really exist when I was a young adult myself. Sure, there have undoubtedly been stories aimed at young adults since the beginning of time, all dealing with themes of growth, identity, angst and so forth. But it has only been in recent years that YA became n genre. When I was younger, the Harry Potters were bundled in with the Very Hungry Caterpillars, and it was tough to find literature to guide me through such a rough, hormonal period in my life. I think when I was sixteen I weaved …

On Robin Williams and Therapeutic Comedy

Back in 2009, Michael Jackson’s death was the biggest piece of celebrity news in my eyes. His was the first celebrity death that I had ever been truly affected by, and given the number of people at my uni who couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks, I’d say a great number of people my age felt the same way. I remember sitting with a group of friends and talking about how the world (or at least the UK) hadn’t been in such an intense state of mourning since the death of Lady Di. We each wondered whose death would be the next one as hard-hitting as MJ’s. I can’t remember whose names we threw around, but I remember we settled on Nelson Mandela.

A Story About Fat-Shaming

Let me tell you a little story… My friend Jim and I had just been to see The Fault in our Stars (excellent film, by the way). We were happily discussing it when a Facebook notification popped up on my phone from a friend who shall be referred to as K. She posted a video on my wall accompanied with the comment: “Did you see this? Makes me think of Jim every time!!!”

So…OKCupid majorly pissed me off

So here’s a fun fact: I’m on a dating site called OKCupid. You may have heard of it. It’s not the only dating site I’ve ever tried, just the current one I’m trying out. I like it better than any other so far as it is nice and free and I don’t get 20 messages a day from seedy fellas asking me for sexytimes. The site feels quite legit. I like. Or at least I did… I’ve only been on the site for a couple of weeks; I’ve logged all of four times and generally ignore their spam emails. But one caught my eye… Uhm…what the hell is this fuckery? Did I actually just read that? On a site of 30 million users, I am one of the most attractive? Please. Not to appear self-depricating, but bollocks to that; I Googled that shit. As it turns out, OKCupid likes to flatter you. The site divides its users into two groups: the hotties and the notties. Everyone starts off as “not hot” until one day you are …

Why I’ve been obsessed with Becca Fitzpatrick lately

Over the past year, I have been reading and reviewing the ‘Hush, Hush’ series by Becca Fitzpatrick.  Aside from it being a truly atrocious series that I still shudder at the thought of, it raised questions for me that I had never seriously considered.  Most notably: is there a God of Unpleasant Literature and can I offer Becca Fitzpatrick as a human sacrifice? The premise of ‘Hush, Hush’ is as follows: Teenager Nora Grey is the recipient of some very overt advances from a boy called Patch who happens to be a fallen angel.  He flirts to the point of actual sexual harassment and Nora, to her credit, continuously tells him to shove off … until the day where he reveals that he had been planning to murder her and possess her body all along. However he has changed his mind, as Nora Grey is just so shiny and lovely he couldn’t help but fall in love with her.  From this point on Nora Grey trusts him implicitly and falls in love with him right back. …