I am currently CLOSED to review requests.

I open to review requests when I have enough time to dedicate to them. Please do not use the comment sections or social media to pitch to me. When open to requests, I can be reached via contact form; any requests sent while I am closed will be deleted automatically. Do remember that acceptance of a book does not always guarantee a review, and certainly does not guarantee a positive one.


I read Adult and Young Adult Fiction and select Non-Fiction only.

Fantasy of all kindsRomance/Erotica
Lighter Sci-Fi (think more Doctor Who, less Star Trek)Christian Fiction, or anything religion-based
Dystopia & Post-ApocalypticAnything involving a detective and a missing person
Generational/Family sagas, bonus if non-Western or includes Fantasy elementsAnything where the romance is more than a vague subplot
Select Historical; non-Western novels in non-Western settings are of interestHorror or Thriller (unless extremely high concept)
High concept Contemporary(Auto)Biographical works (unless you’re P!nk or Lin-Manuel Miranda)
#OwnVoices storiesRoyalty / Regency in any genre
Survivalist lit, the more hardcore the betterVampires or Werewolves
Gritty fairytale retellingsGrimdark or overly gratuitous gore
LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse, POV charactersNon-diverse / downright bigotry