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Professional Services

Are you looking for a media specialist to help with your professional brand? I now offer my services as an independent contractor in design, marketing and content creation. With an eye for visuals and a mind for words, not only am I an ideal consultant to optimise your brand’s look and appeal, I can also put these ideas into action.

Twitch Plays Pokémon – and it is simply beautiful

“Man. This isn’t a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters. It’s twenty thousand monkeys at a single typewriter, and half those monkeys are screaming and desperately trying to progress while the other half throw shit everywhere. It’s wonderful.” Five days ago, something remarkable happened to the internets. Some dude over in Australia thought it would be a smashing idea to put up a stream of the original Pokémon Red Gameboy game on, enabling an unlimited amount of people to control the avatar by inputting the commands into the chat. What has resulted has been one of the most satisfying yet unbelievably frustrating streams that I have ever been addicted to watched. 75k current viewers find it more addictive than Sochi, and that number is only growing. Allow me to set the scene for you – actually you could just skip ahead and go check out the stream for yourself by clicking here, but if you fancy having the ever-loving shit set out of your scene for you, read on: there are but eight commands …