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Guest Post by Bella Higgin: Long Live YA Fiction

YA is one of the brightest stars of the publishing world. From relative obscurity a few years ago, it has literally exploded. Today YA fiction has its own section in libraries and book-shops, its titles regularly appear on the New York Times bestseller list and it has inspired legions of teens – and adults – to start reading again. And yet, in spite of this, there are still people out there who sneer at and mock YA fiction. There is still a very ugly attitude revolving around these sorts of books, the notion that because they are not considered ‘serious literature’ they are worthless.

Guest Post: A common mistake that authors make

Being an author in today’s market is a tough job! Not only do you have to create wonderful stories, but you also have to wear every other hat associated with the marketing and promotion of your book. Not easy, and in many cases not reasonable. Being computer literate is not a prerequisite of being an outstanding writer. Authors will take writing classes at the local college or university. They will attend conferences and soak up all they can about creating the perfect scene, all the while avoiding the aspects of selling books that they don’t feel comfortable with. Normal! None of us like doing things that we aren’t comfortable with. Although authors are willing to pay to take writing courses, they are hesitant to pay someone to help them understand things that they struggle with. Because of this two things occur. 1) Either they have a blog that looks like a thrift shop – filled with mismatched items that aren’t organized. I frequently hear the comment “I’m just not very technical so people have to …