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5 Books I Panic-Bought during the Pandemic

This is your daily reminder to stay home, wash your hands, and don’t vote Conservative. Oh, and if you’re going to panic-buy, don’t hoard the loo roll – there are far superior tree-based products up for grabs. If there was ever a Perfect Time™ to support authors, it’s during a pandemic, a time when their primary income may have dried up. Oh, and bonus – books can be enjoyed for hours upon hour in an indoor setting! So, if you can afford it, treat yourself to a book or two you’ve been meaning to read. You’ve been so brave. You deserve this. Buy the books. So, what did I buy? Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill Was it, in hindsight, a great idea in the current climate to purchase a post-apocalyptic novel where humans are extinct and the robot race who destroyed them are following in the footsteps? Yes. Yes, it was. Sea of Rust packed a punch – with a likeable, ballsy robot protag and a very unique setting. I was drawn in …

The Young Volcanoes of Tenemere on Pinterest

Taking visual marketing to the trendy next level, The Young Volcanoes of Tenemere now has a vision board on Pinterest! I’ve been having great fun adding my ideas and inspiration to the board; not gonna lie, it’s 80% food porn, but I’m trying to remember to vary my pins best I can. It’s a great companion to my novel and I love the interactive element it brings. I love that with this age of technology I can bring a new aspect to my story, and I hope you enjoy browsing my vision board. . _________________________ The ads below help to pay for this website. If you can see them, thank you for not using an ad-blocker. If you’re a fan of my content and you would like to support a self-employed writer further, please feel free to share the love and buy your girl a coffee. The caffeine jolt may just get me through my final edits! _____________________________________________________