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Review: Why We Eat (Too Much) by Andrew Jenkinson

This is quite possibly my favourite Health book of all time. A bold claim, but the scope of this book, everything the author delved into and how brilliantly he explained everything was remarkable. And as far as non-fiction, goes I don’t think I have ever felt so compelled by a read.

Dr Andrew Jenkinson is a bariatric surgeon and this book covers his perspective and research on the epidemic of obesity. It’s clear than Jenkinson is passionate about the subject, and it was refreshing to read a take that does not seek to blame the individual for their weight gain. Jenkinson acknowledges that there are so many important factors that contribute to weight gain that have nothing to do with willpower, laziness, greed, or all the horrible things obese people are labelled – which do far more harm than good. That said, for someone whose work and interest revolves around obese people, Jenkinson isn’t always that great at empathising with them.

“The room darkened for a moment and I looked up from my notes. Mr Freeman’s large frame and body had blanketed out the light coming through the door frame.”

This was one of those times where I appreciated that the author did not infuse too much of their personality into their book! The vast majority of this book is focused on Jenkinson’s research, with only a few anecdotes about his work sprinkled in for flavour. (Could’ve done without, but anyway.) Jenkinson’s approach covers a vast number of topics: metabology, endocrinology, genetics, evolution, and food culture to name only a few. And my God was it all so interesting. I was astounded by how much of this information I’d never heard before. And how so much of it contradicts all of the mainstream ‘diet advice’ that saturates our society. And how – oh my – all you need is a quick Google search to see that oh! people have been talking about all this, but it was so hard to hear them over the din of fad diets and weight shaming.

We We Eat (Too Much) is a great starting-point book for further personal research on your weight loss journey. Understanding my own biology has been a massive part of my weight loss journey, and this book was an incredible help. Excellently-written and easy to understand, with game-changing research and health advice. Highly recommend.


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