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Goodreads and my many emotions


#TYVOT has officially landed. Well, on Goodreads at least! It’s finally listed, in all of its semi-finished glory, a beautiful statement in the Goodreads database. It all feels so real. After so many years of working, of dreaming, my novel is coming to life. Publication is coming (on Nov 1st 2018, if I can afford everything in time!)

When I saw my book up there, and by extension my swanky new Goodreads author profile, I did have myself quite the moment. Not only did I feel the excitement but I felt validated for the first time. I have always felt more comfortable calling myself a writer, as opposed to an author. But now I’m feeling like I should be owning that title, because hell yeah I’m an author and I worked damn hard to be able to call myself that.

It was also so fun to the writing community on Twitter about everything, with many stopping to tell me congrats. Writers get this kind of excitement – none of my real life friends really understood why this was such a big deal to me. I’m grateful for the writer buddies I have out there, though I’ve never properly met them, they’re a warm and soft cushion for the author side of Tess.
Do you know what has been the most fun, though? Watching people add my book to their TBR shelves. It has only been 24 hours since #TYVOT has gone live but five people have already added it to their shelves. Not gonna lie, it has become a little bit of a compulsion, checking on my heart-project. But I’m sure I’ll calm down in time.

So now, it’s time for me to ask you guys. If you’re a fan of YA Fantasy and you think you might give THE YOUNG VOLCANOES OF TENEMERE a try, you can add it to your TBR shelf on Goodreads. It’ll serve as an occasional reminder that you’ve got your eye on it ahead of publication, and you’ll make this blogger a very happy gal.

Looky! I’ve got a little button now!


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