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Hartnell’s Doctor and Buffy Summers

He’s the one older, British gent she wouldn’t be able to mess about. Most of the time…

Let’s be honest, Buffy needs a Giles-type in her life. She loves a father-figure, or even a grandfather-figure. If the TARDIS just so happened to touch down in Buffy’s life and good old Hartnell popped his head out, I don’t think she’d be able to resist. And it would have to be Hartnell’s Doctor, please. I can imagine them so perfectly together, in all their expertly sarcastic glory.


Where Buffy’s mentor Giles was soft at first but gradually showed a stronger side, Hartnell introduces himself to everyone he meets as a tough, slightly unreasonable old bean, who gets sweeter and squishier the more you get to know him. Buffy has the brute strength to deal with vampires, and with the personality to boot she makes a coveted companion to join the Doctor in his escapades. She’s no stranger to a new challenge and has fought hundreds of different fiends. her adaptability would be useful on an alien planet, and I imagine the Buff would have an attitude of ‘I’ve seen it all, nothing can surprise me’ – a rare quality in a companion, and one that would likely please Hartnell’s Doctor in particular. He wasn’t generally one to play tour guide, as some later incarnations were prone to do.

Ultimately, Buffy would have to earn the Doctor’s respect before any space-and-time shenanigans could ensue; a challenge for her, I feel. She’s also used to being the leader, which she’d probably still be as a companion of the Doctor, but she’d have to try – with great difficulty – to act like Hartnell’s in charge, or else he’d get moody.

I can’t help but imagine Buffy’s younger and more innocent self coming out to play while travelling with Hartnell’s Doctor. He is, after all, everyone’s favourite moody grandpa. They would undoubtedly have a laugh together, then have a bit of a tiff and put each other in their place (Buffy would try, Hartnell would succeed). And Hartnell would have a competent companion to lean on. Buffy is more than capable of saving the world. She’d do anything, even what the Doctor can’t. And look fabulous while doing so.


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