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#TYVOT has hit 1,000 Wattpad views!

Ooooh it is a happy Friday! Today ‘The Young Volcanoes of Tenemere’ hit 1,000 views on Wattpad, just short of its two-year anniversary of being uploaded (25.03.16). I know 1,000 views may not be a lot to some, but for me it’s such a milestone. I know my own proofreading and edits can account for at least 100 of those views, but the vast majority of views have come from people who care about me and want to support me, and some have even come from complete strangers who have no idea who I am but who have left votes and comments telling me how much they have enjoyed my story.
Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to read and support my creative endeavour. Thank you so much for voting, commenting and providing much-welcome feedback. I do really hope my work is enjoyed, and if it tickles your fancy I hope you read on, or if you haven’t checked it out yet maybe you’d be up for giving it a chance. Draft 8 is being uploaded chapter by chapter as I complete edits (nearly done now, I swear!), but it will not be on Wattpad for very much longer! I will be self-publishing at the end of this year, so grab the early-access beta for free while you have the chance! Free YA Fantasy? Who on earth could pass that up?!

Check out ‘The Young Volcanoes of Tenemere’ by searching Tess Burton on Wattpad or by simply clicking here! Add some dimension to the read with the #TYVOT Vision Board on Pinterest (oooh, such social media marketing, vair swish…).

Thanks, as ever, for your support, guys.


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