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Review: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

**If you haven’t read The Bone Season, beware of spoilers!**

The second book in The Bone Season series, probably the most highly anticipated read of 2015 for me and, to be frank, only a three-star book in my eyes. The ending, however, was so damn exciting it earned a star all on its own. Sadly the rest of the novel didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Samantha Shannon has said many times that each installment in this seven book series is going to have a very different feel to it, so that the reader has a different experience with each book. Book #1 was an introduction; survivalist and fantastic, dystopian and almost YA but not really. It was fabulous and everything I wanted in a novel. The Mime Order follows protagonist Paige Mahoney on the run in Scion London, and has much more of a murder mystery feel to it. It’s futuristic but has a Victorian London twist, which was highly enjoyable. Just a shame the plot wasn’t.

I had a similar problem with book #1; Shannon’s plots just don’t really do it for me. They’re not bad, but I can not only see the flaws, but I can feel them, and they kinda grate. But what made The Bone Season so enjoyable for me was the high focus on the world-building. Because it was so strong (and so completely my cuppa tea), it strengthened the plot along with it. The Mime Order does not have the same effect. There’s much less of a focus on clairvoyance in this installment, not a lot of new information about the Rephaim, emim, ghosts or how clairvoyance really works or came to be. This book is all about the Scion citadel of London and the politics that exist within. And as great it is to have a well thought-out world with many different aspects to it, I just wasn’t that interested.

I lived for Jaxon’s moments on the page. I might have enjoyed the story more if I cared more for Paige, or if I shipped her and Warden. Oh well, it just wasn’t for me this one, not as much as the first one in any case. It was still rather enjoyable, and the ending was awesome, but I’m just hoping book #3 turns out to be a little bit more to my taste.


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