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Thoughts from a Millennial, post-referendum


Yes, I voted Remain.

Yes, I’m a bit upset.

No, I don’t have the words to adequately express how I feel.

It’s difficult to live in this world. I’ve always struggled with society, and I think we all have though most don’t care to admit it. They blame the creative tendancy to keep one’s feet off the ground, the millennial inability to understand how the fuck the world works because Gods forbid we’re not content with our hexagonal-peg existence in a round-hole society.

It’s difficult to participate in reality. I don’t know about you but I spend about 80% of my time pretending I’m not a part of it, reading my books and writing my stories, irresponsibly daydreaming during work hours. Because that 20% is all I can manage while retaining my sanity. It’s tough to live in this world, and  after waking up to the EU referendum results, it feels like it’s going to become even tougher.

I’m fed up with debates about the economy, the NHS, immigration laws, the housing market and whatever else we’ve been spewing at each other for the last four months. There’s no point in reiterating the fears we Remain-voters are harbouring, we all know the gist. My little crumb of the internet is not going to be a place for Facts right now. It’s just a place where I want to say one thing.

To the 60% of 65+ year olds who voted Leave. To the 57% of 55-64 year olds who voted Leave. To the 56% of 45-54 year olds who voted Leave. I’m speaking for the 75% of young voices who voted Remain.

We know you didn’t intentionally screw up the housing market. We know you’re not all responsible for Labour’s decision to re-introduce university fees. We know you were just lucky to be born in a period of growth and increased prosperity.  I don’t want to be angry at you for this. I’m angry at you because you’re angry.

Why are you raging? You’ve benefited (and are still benefiting) from the period of growth post WWII. Your pension schemes and your affordable housing, your ability to fuck off and retire to Spain under the Free Movement Act. I’d understand if you were raging about the decline of these things, but you’re raging about immigration and Brussells bureaucrats, and simply all of Farage’s lies. You’re so pissed off that England “isn’t what it used to be” (aka. WHITE) that you’ve all just rage-scribbled your ballot papers with a swastika and elected to Brexit your way out of one of the most progressive and important establishments in our history.

Us young’uns have been pretty mad at you for the last 24-hours. I don’t want to continue insulting you anymore, telling you you’re wrong. I’ve had my paragraph, I’m gonna try to stay chill now.

But can you stop it too, please?

Stop with this incessant belief that you know better than us. Just because Oscar Wilde said “with age comes wisdom” doesn’t mean that automatically applies to you. We may be your children, but we are adults. I have said it before and I will say it again: you do not know best when it comes to the world because you do not live in it. You do not live in this world of unobtainable mortgages because you’ve already paid yours off. You do not live in a world of unemployment and university debt because you’re already retired probably with a nice chunk of your own savings, having never had to pay for your education. The youth of today know better than you about what this world is like because we are here every single day getting kicked in the face by it. And we are trying to prise the reigns of the land from your wrinkly fingers and trying to steer this country towards ideals we believe in like environmentally-conscious living and no more goddamn racism. It is our future, not yours. And we are going to be in charge. Soon. And we will breed out the selfishness and the greed, the xenophobia and the arrogance. And the world will become a celebrated multi-cultural patchwork of a thousand shades of brown and beige and you would hate it if you were able to see our happiness. But there is no place for you or your ideals in our future.


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  1. Wow! What a post. Hear hear ! I would vote for you any day. Well said, and how. I am nearly 60, and absolutely gutted to have my identity as a legal European ripped from me, never mind the practical and economic challenges we will now have to overcome.

    I hope I live to see your beautiful selfless patchwork world. We should all work towards that – whatever our age.

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