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Sherlock, Watson and the Ninth Doctor – I ship it

This choice isn’t purely to do with my incessant need to fangirl, it’s just 90% to do with my incessant need to fangirl. Sherlock Holmes may have many incarnations, but for me it’s all about the Cumberbatch and I could see him and Martin Freeman joining Christopher Eccleston on a wicked adventure or two through space and time.

Why Nine? Well…

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Nine’s just such a lad. I’m not sure how else to explain it. Given that such a massive obsession of the Sherlock fandom is the witty banter and adorable bro-mance between Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Freeman’s Watson, Eccleston’s Doctor would be the perfect match. He’s as complicated and deep as Sherlock and John, but he hides it under layers of  wit and charm. And God I would love to see who would win in a sass-fight between him and watson…

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I don’t know who is more mental: Sherlock or the Doctor. Okay, Sherlock is a drug-addicted sociopath, but the Doctor’s an actual different species; something John may have accused Sherlock of being but has never actually meant it literally. Though the Doctor and Sherlock are probably equally as intelligent, their smarts are really quite different. Sherlock knows fuckall about space, really. He doesn’t even know that the earth goes round the sun, so he could potentially learn a lot from the Doctor there if he didn’t consider such knowledge utterly pointless.


And how about that power struggle between him and Nine, though?

“My TARDIS, my rules”? Sherlock would have approximately none of that. I can’t see Sherlock actually learning how to fly the TARDIS; it’s really not his jam and he’d end up becoming frustrated at the seeming lack of logic of it all. He would just get stroppy and refuse to learn, jealously watching Watson soak up the stars and begin to worship the Doctor (though never more than he!) until they could find a juicy mystery to solve.

It would be a race to the finish line to see who could figure out a case in outer space, though. Sherlock probably has the Doctor beat on subjects like geology, chemistry and botany (though he knows nothing of practical gardening). But when it comes to physics and just general knowledge of the universe (even fucking common sense) the Doctor surely takes the prize. I’d like to see the trio tackle a tough mystery before taking on a horde of dimension-leaping Triffids or the like. And watch Watson shit himself before beating the shit out of them…oh where is my imagination taking me?

Eventually I think Sherlock would see the benefits in travelling with the Doctor for a while, occasionally picking Watson up for a lad’s night out on Ganymede. But Sherlock would eventually get bored and head back to London and the Doctor would try and escape with what sanity he had left. The two would drive each other mad…

…but it would be amazing while it lasted.



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  1. 🙂 …Sorry, what? I’m still sighing over “…worse ways to go than by your side”/”I quite agree,” and John’s smile there, and all that lovely UST subtext…



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