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Best Crossover Ever?! Dumbledore as the Doctor’s companion

David Tennant’s incarnation of the Doctor may have suffered the most incredible existential crisis I have ever seen on television. [*moment of quiet contemplation*] Nope, he definitely suffered the most incredible existential crisis I have ever seen on television. The last few Tennant episodes were spectacular, if not always in plot, most certainly in the way his struggles were portrayed. Here was a Time Lord who knew he could not escape his death, but though he wouldn’t actually die, he would lose everything that made him him in that period. The simple human mind kind of boggles at that kind of self-reflection.


I had to add a light-hearted gif. here – I couldn’t bear the sad ones & the Tennant in the rain meme has been done to death…

At that point in his tenth life, the Doctor really needed someone to lean on. But he couldn’t; his companions were all gone and to be honest I don’t think Martha or Rose could have done anything but give him a bit of a pointless hug…Donna may have slapped some sense into him, but what Ten really needed was someone perhaps older and wiser to guide him through…

At one point, Russell T Davies was actually considering writing a Doctor Who and Harry Potter crossover episode for Comic Relief. The idea was (wrongly) shot down as the powers that be thought it was too gimmicky, but oh my God Ten was so close to getting the best companion to help him through one of his darkest hours: Albus Goddamn Dumbledore.

Wand vs Sonic - the ultimate MAN-OFF

Wand vs Sonic – the ultimate MAN-OFF

Think how much those two would learn from each other, after they compare wand/sonic sizes à la 50th anniversary, of course. They’re both old men with youthful hearts, but they are very different characters. I could see Dumbledore coming along for a quickie (behave), maybe just a double-feature episode. He wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience some time-hopping and a bit of inter-planetary travel, but he’d have to get back to Hogwarts pretty sharpish to keep an eye on whatever Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was up to no good that term.

But he’d tag along for a bit; how could he say no? The Doctor would have to take him to some choice planets with rich cultures and beautiful languages for Dumbledore to admire. Ten would probably act up to his childish nature and see if Dumbledore could be tempted to some knowledge of the future, but of course he would never give in to spoilers (or would he..?).

When they run into trouble (not if, when) Ten would take the forefront in the battle, throwing around comical semi-insults about his and Dumbledore’s respective ages and levels of fitness. But Dumbledore’s far too sophisticated to retaliate, but he’d soon put Ten straight with a quick Expelliarmus to whatever extraterrestrial beastie is coming at them quicker than Ten could tie his Converse.

In the end though, they would both remind each other of the life lessons they have each learned over their many years. I’m sure the two of them would part ways with immense scholarly respect for one another, but probably keep the hell away from each other after that. I’m not sure the TARDIS could handle such infinite wisdom.


Bonus companions from the Harry Potter universe



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