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Matilda & Matt Smith’s Doctor may be my OTP


Everyone remembers Matt Smith’s first episode of Doctor Who, right?
In his memorable scene with little Amy Pond, the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor became the first (in the reboot series) to have a child companion. And if you have never seen the show before, I mean that in a very plutonic way.

Eleven is one of the wackiest Doctors the show has seen in ages; the oldest of the Doctors so far yet probably the youngest at heart. His first scene with young Amy was incredibly heartwarming and I ended up being incredibly disappointed when he took grown-up Amy on as a companion instead. Obviously the child abduction jokes/complaints would have come rolling in by the thousands so the writers’ choice was obvious, but what if it wasn’t an issue? What if it was perfectly okay for Eleven to have the child companion he’s so brilliantly suited for?

Could it be anyone but Matilda?

Look at the cheeky buggers. They'd have the best time together.

Look at the cheeky buggers. They’d have the best time together.

Just imagine the cute adventures they would have together. Eleven could truly indulge his childish self when he’s with Matilda, taking her to fun and exotic planets and teaching her amazing things to satisfy her massive intellect. I could see him taking her to Hedgewick’s World of Wonders (Nightmare in Silver), and definitely The Library as long as the Vashta Nerada had been exterminated, of course.

Well, you say, what if trouble showed up as it inevitably does? Matilda is fucking telekinetic and don’t you forget it. She could fling an approaching Cyberman off a cliff with the power of her mind before Eleven could even whip out his screwdriver. Again, newcomers, that is not an innuendo. Behave.

Though her powers are impressive, that’s not why Eleven would love Matilda. He would respect her incredible intellect, her love for books and her pure child’s heart. And for Matilda, the Doctor would be the friend she always wished for.


But by God would Matilda wear the pants in that relationship. This is the girl who “punished” her parents for treating her unfairly. She’s the girl who isn’t afraid to hit ’em with some sarcasm aged six and a half! She’d pull pranks and turn the TARDIS into her playground; whenever the Doctor would get mildly annoyed by her antics she’d just giggle and send them off to ancient Rome because fuck it, that girl would be able to fly the TARDIS there is no doubt about that. If the Doctor objected she’d just throw a witty one-liner his way and run off to see if Rome is really just like in her story books. Because she is goddamn Matilda and that little badass demands respect.



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